Clean Science or GR Infraprojects IPO, know which is better for investment

Clean Science Vs GR Infraprojects: Two companies Clean Science & Technology and GR Infraprojects are coming with their IPO in the market on 7th July. There is a plan to raise a total of Rs 2500 crore through these IPOs. Both these IPOs will open for subscription on July 7 and close on July 9.

Market experts say that the Indian market, full of liquidity, will easily digest these IPOs, but the important question is which of these IPOs is better from the point of view of retail investors.

Market players say that both these companies are good for investment but for people with limited or limited money, Clean Science & Technology is a better option.

Aastha Jain of Hem Securities says that the financial position of Clean Science & Technology is very good. The company enjoys market leadership in some of its products. The company has strong clients such as Bayer AG and SRF, Gennex Laboratories and Vinati Organics. Apart from this, the prospects of chemical industries are also looking strong, in view of which investment in clean science technology is advised.

He further said that both these IPOs look very good but if one has the money to invest in a single IPO then Clean Science & Technology is a better option for both long and short investors.

Marwadi Shares and Finance have also said in their report that Clean Science & Technology is a better option for investment. The company holds the leadership in the world’s specialty chemicals manufacturing companies. This IPO is getting at a very good valuation as compared to its peers. Money should be invested in this IPO.

Although Marwadi Shares also says that both these IPOs look much better from the point of view of long term investors but Clean Science & Technology has a slight edge.

Ravi Singhal of GCL Securities says that there is an offer for sale in both these IPOs but the debt equity ratio of GR Infraprojects is not good. However, its valuation looks good. Clean Science & Technology, on the other hand, has a reasonable debt and equity ratio and has a strong business presence all over the world. Apart from this, its customer base and export business is also good, considering that Clean Science & Technology seems to be a better option for investment from a long-term perspective.

Sandeep Matta of TRADEIT Investment says that both these IPOs are looking very good but for long term investment, Clean Science & Technology is a better option. We will get very good returns in this stock going forward.