Why do you need an insurance plan for your smartphone?

The smartphone market is booming in the world as well as in India. In today’s time, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Today people are investing a lot in phones and related accessories. Given the different models, apps and needs of the smartphone, it has become a necessity to insure the smartphone. So through this article, we are going to tell you why you need to get smartphone insurance.

Why do you need an insurance plan for your smartphone?

Below are some reasons, based on which you can understand the importance of insurance plan for smartphone-

  • If you have recently bought a new smartphone, you will definitely want to protect it. With this, you will want to fix your phone immediately and with better service in case of any kind of damage.
  • If you frequently miss the phone, then you are in great need of smartphone insurance. Under this, if you lose the phone during the policy period, you will get compensation in the form of sum insured.
  • Those who have bought expensive smartphones like Apple iPhone need to get smartphone insurance to avoid the loss of these phones due to loss, breakdown or other damage. It costs a lot to fix even a small problem in such an expensive phone. Sometimes it can cost you a lot to fix them.
  • Mobile phones are very delicate devices. At any time, there may be a problem with its hardware or software. In such a situation, if you have smartphone insurance, then you can remain stress-free by claiming.
  • Mobile insurance helps you to remain stress-free, as it covers things like water or coffee leakage, touch screen damage, internal damage in mobile. You can also increase your cover by taking the rider.

How many types of insurance can you avail?

Extend warranty

Most smartphone manufacturer companies offer one year warranty. This period is not sufficient in comparison to the money invested to buy expensive phones. Smartphone insurance can help extend the warranty of your phone and thus you can get your phone warranty for about 3 years. You can get cover for damage in case of water in the phone, screen breakdown or battery failure. Smartphone brands and user numbers in India are increasing and sometimes manufacturing defects remain. In this situation, smartphone insurance can be very effective.

Personal cyber insurance

Smartphones have high-end security features. But even after being equipped with the best security features, you do not know when and where hackers stole your data by attacking your phone. You can opt for cyber insurance policy to protect your data. Cyber ​​insurance will protect you from modern threats like theft, theft of bank information, phishing, malware attacks etc.

What types of losses are covered in smartphone insurance?

Smartphones are electronic devices, so there may be problems with its software. Along with this, there is a possibility of damage to its hardware as well. So smartphone insurance covers the following.

  • Disadvantages of filling the phone with water.
  • Fire damage.
  • Hardware issues such as charging problems or touch screen malfunctions.
  • Touchscreen breakdown.
  • Damage due to theft.
  • Damage to the internal and external parts of the phone.

What type of loss is not covered in smartphone insurance?

Smartphone insurance policies do not cover the following things –

  • Phone theft due to your negligence, theft of phone from your home etc. is not covered.
  • Damage to your phone from a third party or person.
  • Damage caused by electronic or mechanical breakdown.
  • If used on the phone and it causes some damage, it is not covered.
  • The damage caused by intentionally damaging the phone.
  • Losses etc. due to changes in atmospheric conditions.

Smartphone insurance claim process

It has become a common belief among people that it takes longer to claim for smartphone insurance, but this is not the case. It does not take long. This process is quick and simple. You can claim online within 48 hours of theft or damage to your smartphone. For this, you just have to upload the information related to your phone insurance. Along with this, you have to submit a copy of your policy and a copy of FIR in case of theft.