The main difference between a health card and a health insurance plan with OPD coverage

Most insurance companies typically provide coverage only on hospitalization. This type of coverage is considered inadequate by the customer, as it does not provide any coverage for OPD care. But to meet the growing needs of customers, health insurance companies have come to market with rider for OPD coverage as well as health plans with implicit coverage for OPD treatment. We have to consider whether it is appropriate to pay an additional amount to cover OPD treatment. So through this post, we will try to know how beneficial it is to get OPD coverage in health insurance. Along with this, we will try to know the main differences between health cards and health insurance with OPD coverage.

Health insurance with OPD coverage – wasteful or affordable?

The purpose of taking a comprehensive health insurance plan is to get cover for hospitalization, medical bills, medical tests, OPD treatment and health check-ups, etc. so that you do not have to spend your money for treatment. On taking a health insurance plan, you can make cashless claims for any type of treatment at network hospitals and clinics. Most insurers provide OPD riders with basic health insurance.

However, most insurance buyers do not pay attention to OPD cover when taking an insurance plan. But patients who have to go to OPD again and again for some reason, their expenditure increases over time. In such a situation, health insurance cover with an OPD rider is very important for them. If we consider the rising prices of health facilities and treatments, we will find that in today’s time it is becoming mandatory to have health insurance cover.

Along with this, taking advantage of additional riders is also becoming increasingly important, so that medical expenses can be reduced. Additional riders such as OPD coverage can prove to be very helpful in protecting you and your family from expenses incurred in various health-related issues. So there are plans coming in the market that already have the facility of OPD coverage and you do not need to take additional rider for this. But there are many exceptions to such health plans. You should take note of these exceptions.

The most important aspect of OPD cover is that an individual can avail of it multiple times during the policy period and customers can save more money by taking such plans, as the purpose of OPD coverage is to provide financial benefits to the clients during medical treatment and counselling Trouble is to be reduced.

Health card – a reasonable option?

Health insurance coverage may not be an appropriate option, but health insurance cards are concessionaire. This gives you additional discounts on various types of health-related expenses. Health insurance scheme helps to cover the medical and healthcare expenses of the customers and it also covers the expenses before and after hospitalization. Health insurance plans have wide coverage, but even then there are some exceptions such as expenses for dentistry, pathology or radiology, etc. are generally excluded from coverage.

On the other hand, health insurance cards are known to cover all medical expenses. Health insurance cards benefit people who already have a disease, as well as people who are above a certain age group and are not eligible for a health insurance plan. The main drawback of health cards is that these cards are provided by hospitals like Apollo, Fortis and you can avail of its facilities only in the hospitals of the respective group. But if you have a health insurance plan, you have many options, as insurance companies have tie-ups with many hospitals, pharmacy labs, diagnostic centers, and nursing homes.

However, some healthcare companies want to make health cards easier so that it can reach the maximum number of people and people can avail of medical and healthcare facilities. Health card subscribers have to pay membership fees ranging from 1000 to 8000 rupees depending on their plan. Companies such as Wizcare, Shadrack Healthcare, IHO and Easy Lifecare offer healthcare cards. Health Card’s Basic plan offers 10 to 20% discount on OPD treatment and up to 30% discount on doctor’s consultation.

Also, its other benefits include 50% discount on the total cost of treatment and free dental care. In addition, some clinics offer discounts on doctor’s consultation. Along with this, benefits such as chat service on health card, consulting doctors once again before any critical surgery and discounts on ambulance service are given.