How to Choose Best Cancer Insurance Plan in India

Cancer is a very serious illness which can occur to your life at any bad situation. You cannot predict that at which moment you will get to listen to this bad news that you are suffering from the worst disease cancer. Hence it is always said that prepare and buy best cancer insurance plan you early to face any situation like this. Earlier there is no solution for fighting with cancer before you are going to discover that you are having it. But nowadays one can fight with cancer before they have this news in their hand in terms of the report.

  • Yes, this could be done with the help of pre precautions that is the cancer insurance plan which is nowadays in the market for the customers. This plan will help you to fight with the disease even if you have no idea that you are going to face it or not. We can say it as a precaution before facing the cure.

But we cannot go and take any cancer insurance plan because it will not help us. First, we have to go through all the major criteria which we have to follow before choosing the plan. So, where we are going to discuss all the factors related to choosing the best cancer insurance plan.

What Is a Cancer Insurance Plan?

Yes, before choosing it you must have to know that what a cancer insurance plan is.
And the answer to this question is that this is a plan which will help you financially in case you or your family member has discovered cancer. This situation is very critical for a family and at that time if one is being able to get some financial assistance then this is the best thing. Hence, to prevent yourself from this worst situation you have to purchase a cancer insurance policy in advance.

Why There Is a Need for Cancer Insurance Policy?

When someone diagnoses cancer the foremost thing in their mind that how they can afford the treatment of such a serious disease. Their one will understand the importance of this plan.
Now, we will understand this situation with the help of an example

  • Three years back a woman was working in a company. She was diagnosed with cancer in her blood. Then, she and her family were much tensed about how they were going to deal with the situation. But fortunately, the woman’s father told the whole family that he had insurance for the cancer treatment for every member of the family. At that point, the woman was very happy but sad at the moment that now her family will not face any financial burden but they had to see their daughter in this tragic situation.
  • Now, in her whole treatment until the date, she was able to completely come out of it. The cancer insurance company had provided all the assistance at every stage. So we can say that likewise, anyone can easily come out of their worst situation like this with the help of an insurance plan for cancer.

Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India – Here is The List

Benefits of Best Cancer Insurance Plan

  • If you are taking no claims under this policy then your sum insured will increase every time you pay the premiums.
  • An insured amount in lump sum value will be provided to you in case you have diagnosed with cancer.
  • If you have diagnosed a very serious stage of Cancer then the plan will also provide monthly income for financial support.
  • The planners covering all the stages of cancer and all types of cancer except skin cancer.
  • The payout will be given to the patient in case of diagnosis of cancer at various stages.
  • The plan is providing almost 150 percent of the sum assured in case of any critical stage of cancer.

Therefore, the above mentioned are some of the benefits which generally the plan insurer will provide. But the benefits may be different for different insurance plans and hence you can see the add-on in every plan when you go through all of them.

Some Important Notes Before Selecting Cancer Insurance Cover

  • One cannot go and choose any policy without going through its terms and conditions and other mentioned conditions like premiums, etc.
  • One has to go through all the benefits and the conditions the policies providing to you.
  • The premiums you have to pay every time.
  • Hence, all the necessary things have to be taken care of before purchasing a specific insurance plan for cancer.
  • For choosing the best cancer insurance policy one needs to follow some criteria which we are going to discuss further in this topic.
  • Earlier, this illness is very rare and very few people will get to face the situation. But nowadays we can see many cases where people can find themselves facing the critical situation of this illness. Hence, in that situation, the best cancer plans help the most in providing financial assistance.

Top 5 Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Essential Parts To Be Covered While Selecting The Plan

Yes, not only the benefits but some of the other factors also to be considered before selecting the best insurance plan for cancer. As this is a very critical illness hence one has to go through all the terms and conditions along with the coverage policies:
Hence, we are going to mention all of the things in the below-mentioned points:

  1. Coverage Of Stages: Yes this is the first thing one has to see that the policy is covering all the stages of the plan or not. As the best plan would be which is giving their assistance at every stage of cancer. Hence, this will give relief of mind to the policyholder in regards to the paying of money.
  2. The Hospital Is Covered: Not every plan covers all the hospitals where you could go and take assistance and get your treatment done. Hence, you have to go through the hospitals being covered under the plan list so that you could know that the major hospitals are being covered or not. Almost all the plans cover major hospitals but for security purpose going to the list is better.
  3. The Provided Sum Assured: The plan you are taking is for getting the sum insured at the time of the unfortunate situation. Hence, knowing about the sum insured you will get at any stage when you diagnose the cancer is very essential. Every plan is providing different summer sure to the policyholders and hence goes through all the plans and compares them before purchasing.
  4. Conditions Related To The Waiting Period: Every plan has a different waiting period after which you will be able to claim for the policy. For example, if you are purchasing the plan at an early stage of your life then you will get the waiting period less. These awesome ways of the plans to decide the waiting period. Even some of the plans have a fixed waiting period for all the policyholder either they apply at an early stage or after that. So, it’s better to go through the waiting period when you are going to choose the policy.
  5. Compare Other Plans: This is one more important part while selecting a specific plan. As one has to compare all the plans and their provided benefits to get the best cancer insurance plan for themselves. Also, the comparing is important as one has to choose how much premium is feasible for them to pay. Hence, one can go through all the details over the internet to compare and select the best.
  6. Buy Online: Now, the internet had made it so easy for people to explore everything that most of the things are now being done over there. Henceforth, now these plans and the policies could be easily purchased through online mode. One just needs to go to the official website of a particular plan and has to follow steps there to get it.

Different Types of Health Insurance Plans That You Can Buy

How To Get The Claim?

One needs to go through this process to claim for the cancer insurance plan

  • Inform for the claim (Intimation): To claim for the plan first one needs to inform the plan insurer anent the diagnoses. For this, one can go to the official website or can visit the office. There they have to submit a form that is available and needs to submit the documents for diagnosing, for example, a Report or test of diagnosis, and other medical documents which you are having.
  • Verifying of documents and processing: Once the insurer receives your claim request, now they will verify your documents and will check if you are eligible for applying for the claim or not. If you are eligible then they will check the documents and will ask you to submit others if required. The documents that are to be submitted are different in each case.
  • Settlement: After the verification now the policyholder will get a message that whether his claim is approved or not. And how he/she is going to get assistance at every stage.

Required Documents (may change a little in every policy)

  • Form for the claim after the signature of the policyholder along with policy documents.
  • Treatment certificate from the hospital.
  • Discharge papers after completion of treatment.
  • All reports including diagnose report, Laboratory other reports, doctor’s prescription, radiology, etc.


Hence, the above-mentioned are all the conditions which you have to look after before purchasing the best cancer insurance plan. When you follow the above-mentioned steps then you will be able to get the best cancer insurance plan which is available in India in your hand. Hence, as it is said to get the best you have to pay some attention and hence you have to do some research and you have to compare the plans. Only after that, you will be able to get the best plan for choosing.

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