Since its inception in 1994, ICICI Bank has been providing banking and financial services to its loyal customers. With the headquarter situated in Mumbai, ICICI bank is now the second-largest bank in India based on its market capitalization and assets. It has 4,867 branches and 14,367 ATMs in India and has a presence in more than 17 countries. The bank has offices in countries like Dubai, the United Kingdom, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more. The bank covers a wide variety of ICICI services which are mentioned below. icici-bank

Benefits of Opening an Account With ICICI Bank

Some of the perks which you can avail by opening an account in the bank are given below. 

ICICI Bank Savings Account

ICICI bank offers 11 different types of savings account. Each of them benefiting their respective customers in crucial ways. It is always a smart idea to open a savings account with ICICI bank since the accounts come with several different services and benefits. 

The accounts are classified based on age, convenience, sex, and properties. Each of them catering to a particular type of customer. Some of those benefits are mentioned below when one opens a savings account in ICICI bank. They are:

  • By opening a savings account in this bank, the customer, as well as his family members, will be able to avail of privilege banking benefits.
  • The regular savings account comes with a smart shopper silver debit card which is a very feasible solution while shopping. Since carrying cash is such a headache for people.
  • When people open a savings account in ICICI bank, they automatically get eligible for net banking facility. Net banking facility makes the money transfer and fund transfer very easy for customers.
  • ICICI Bank savings account even lets any children over the age of ten years to open an account with it. This helps the children to enhance their financial understanding. 
  • A savings account in this bank is accompanied by a free checkbook, email statement, and passbook.
  • Customers get the facility of 24*7 phone banking services and customer care services. 

ICICI Bank Current Account

ICICI current account provides three different types of current accounts to their customers. Current account is structured to cater to either medium or small-scaled businesses or self-employed people.  ICICI current account is also applicable to new start-up companies and even offers free cash deposits. 

Loans You Can Take From ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank Personal Loan

ICICI bank provides loan disbursal in just three seconds. Though this process depends on the customer’s online form completion. Through this bank, anyone can avail of a personal loan up to Rs 20 Lakh. This could quickly be done by visiting any nearby branch or by applying for a loan online. One can comfortably pay back the loan amount between 12 to 60 months. ICICI bank offers personal investment in a hassle-free and efficient manner. 

Car Loan

ICICI bank provides customers with the opportunity to get a loan for both brand-new cars and pre-owned and used cars. The loan quantum and disbursals are totally dependent on the variant of credit a person chooses. 

Documents needed to avail the car loan

The following are the documents that are essential for submission for availing the above ICICI services. They are:

  • The duly filled car loan application form with a recent passport size photograph.
  • Any documents identifying the applicant’s age and identity.
  • A record of the applicant identifying the address. 
  • KYC documents for a self-employed applicant.
  • The latest salary certificate of the applicant or form 16.
  • A document indicating the verification of the signature of the applicant.

Home Loan

ICICI Bank offers home loans at an interest rate of 8.60%. The minimum EMI amount starts at Rs 805 per lakh. They sanction loans within a few minutes.

Two-Wheeler Loan

The bank offers Two-wheeler loans at a minimum rate of interest of 10.50%. Since the loan is in high demand, this loan is easy to get. 

Education Loan

ICICI bank offers Education Loan at an interest rate of 11.5% with a tenure of eight years. The maximum loan amount offered to the students is Rs 50 Lakh.

Gold Loan

They offer gold loans from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15 Lakhs. Users can avail this kind of loan from any part of India. The period of loan ranges from 6 months to 12 months.

Business Loan

This kind of loan is focused on different kinds of businesses, from large corporations to medium and small corporates. ICICI Bank also offers tailor-made business loans that cater to individual businesses.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Under this scheme, customers will get a loan up to Rs 10 lakhs. The benefit in getting a loan under this scheme is that any security is not required. MSME businesses are eligible to avail this kind of loan.

ICICI Bank Investment Available for the Customers

Fixed Deposit

ICICI bank offers four different kinds of fixed deposits which all have the same motive, to provide the safety of the customer’s money with attractive returns. The bank lets people keep their money in these deposits under traditional or reinvestment plan. 

The customer can choose to earn an interest in a quarterly manner or a monthly manner. The minimum money a person can deposit in a fixed deposit is Rs 10,000. The fixed deposit amount will be auto-renewed if no previous instruction is provided prior to the deposit by the customer. People will be able to avail of a nomination facility if they open a fixed deposit account in ICICI bank.

Recurring Deposit

ICICI bank offers its customers to save big bucks in FD with great interest rates. The tenure is varied from 6 months to 10 years. One can easily take a loan as per his requirements against the recurring deposit.

ICICI Bank Security Deposit Scheme

This scheme is catered to the employees of any corporate company, which only can be withdrawn of the employee gives permission. The minimum deposit period of the amount is a minimum of 6 months, and the maximum time is ten years. The minimum amount which is to be deposited for the opening of the account is Rs 10,000. TDS is applicable to the earned interest in the amount. 

ICICI Bank Cards

ICICI Bank Credit Card

The Bank offers several types of credit cards that come with a lot of benefits and features. You can get some exciting cashback, rewards and many more which makes ICICI credit card most fruitful for entertainment, shopping, and dining. 

Debit Card

You can choose the ICICI debit cards according to your daily needs. They mainly offer two types of debit cards – Personal debit cards and Gemstone debit cards. An individual can do 5 free transactions from the ICICI ATM. They also offer three free transactions from all other bank ATMs.  

ICICI Bank Banking Options For Customers

Mobile Banking

The customers of ICICI bank enjoy a hassle-free mobile banking service by which they can easily access their bank account from anywhere at any time without any hectic. This facility helps ICICI account holders to transfer money, check their balances and so on.

Net Banking

The advancement of net banking, the customers need not stand behind a long queue.net banking facilitates the online transfer of money, balance inquiry, open any accounts, etc. with the help of this feature, customers can make the payment of several bills of utilities and in return, they get some exciting cashback as well.  

Balance Enquiry

Account-holders of ICICI can easily know about their account balance from their house by calling their 24*7 customer service, utilizing the net and mobile banking. Apart from that, they can know about their balance by going to any of the ICICI bank’s branches.

Impeccable 24*7 Customer ICICI Services

The Bank prides itself on the brilliant customer services. Any customer of the bank can avail it through email, SMS, net banking or phone. They can even go to the branch to avail of their service. The customer care number of ICICI bank is 1860 120 7777. There customer care representatives will always be with you 24*7. You can also go to their branch which is located in 19, Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110003. 

ICICI Bank Customer Review

The above were all the fabulous services ICICI bank provides to its customers. They have covered a long journey from their beginning until today. The interest rates of the bank for a fixed deposit start from 6.5%, and for senior citizens, the rate starts from 7.00%. Hence, for senior citizens and regular people, the bank will be a viable option to invest their money.