HDFC Credit Card

A credit card is a need in your day to day life. It is always ready for you. From basic needs to expensive spends, a credit card is your partner. If you are the person, who does shopping crazily or shopping frequently, a credit card is your partner. You can shop even you are broke and you can make a payment later. There are many banks are providing credit cards in the market nowadays. It might be difficult to choose a better one in this wide range of credit cards. HDFC bank offers a credit card for a wide range based on your interest and your lifestyle. One can choose any kind of credit card to depend on their interest. Every card has its features and benefits. You can apply for an HDFC Credit card online also and can get goodies as a welcome gift.

HDFC Bank is presenting the credit card for every need, for everyone’s lifestyle, reward point of your every spends, discounts, cashback on your spending on travel, entertainment, shopping, dinners, etc. The bank is currently providing 20 different types of credit cards that are customized to cater to different needs. You have Interest free credit period depends on the card type. Generally, HDFC bank credit cards do have joining fees and they are charging annual fees depend on the credit card type.

HDFC Bank Credit Cards

Based on your interest, the HDFC bank is providing various types of credit cards. You can check the top 10 credit cards by HDFC bank.

HDFC Credit Card VariantAnnual feeCategoryReward points
HDFC Bank Regalia First CardRs.1, 000Premium lifestyle4 points/150 spent
HDFC Bank Diners Club Black CardRs.5, 000Premium lifestyle5 points/ 150 on all retail spends / 10X points on select partners
HDFC Bank Regalia CardRs.2, 500Premium lifestyle4 points on all spends, 40 points on spends at participating merchants
HDFC Freedom Credit CardRs.500Rewards25 points/150 spent on birthday, 5 points/150 spent on movies, dining, travel
HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit CardRs.500Cashback2 points/150 spent, 4 points/150 spent online, redeem point as cashback
HDFC Bank Titanium Times CardRs.500Regular lifestyle5 points on during weekdays, 2 points on all other spends
HDFC Bank Diners Club Miles CardRs.1,000Premium lifestyleSelect retail/online partners: 40 points , other retail 4points, 1 point and 1airlime/Rs 0.50
HDFC Bank Platinum Times CardRs.1,000Regular lifestyle10 points on weekdays, 3 points on all other spends
Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Diners ClubRs.5,000Premium lifestyleUnlimited airport lounge and complimentary base fare waiver on jet airways

Features of HDFC Credit Card

Key Features: The premium credit card gives exclusive offers on travel and lifestyle.

Joining Fees: Zero joining fees renewal fees: Depends on the credit card type.

Discount Facilities: HDFC credit card is tied up with so many restaurants, shopping, online stores, apparels that provides cashback offers, reward points throughout the year.

Security: All HDFC bank credit cards come with highly secured EMV chips and a highly secure mechanism for online transactions. However, Bank always asks you to keep your pin and CVV number with private and not to share with anyone.

Balance Transfer: HDFC Credit card provides a balance transfer from one credit card to another account.

Loan Against Card: HDFC credit card can get a loan for you. Bank can provide the loan against credit card without paperwork at the doorstep, and loan sanction will be much easier and early compared to other loans.

Pay Your Bills:  You can pay your mobile bill, credit card bills, water bill, Electricity bill, or any bills through your HDFC credit card and you can earn good cashback offer and reward points also.

Benefits Of HDFC Credit Card

  • Credit cards are always handy, and no need to handle the cash; you can go for any kind of shopping on cashless.
  • These HDFC credit cards are accepted all over the world
  • This card can use for online and offline shopping both.
  • Credit cardholders can extend their loan through credit cards with an easy EMI option
  • Every credit card has exiting reward points and cashback on every transaction.
  • HDFC banks are providing credit cards based on customers ’ lifestyles, which they can choose.
  • Costumer can grab the welcome bonus up to Rs. 2500
  • On transaction in fuel stations anywhere in India, 0% surcharges.

How To Apply For HDFC Credit Card

One can apply for HDFC credit cards easily through online, phone banking; mobile banking, IVR or they can visit any HDFC bank and apply directly. IVR Pin Regeneration Toll Number: 18602660333.

Documents Required For HDFC Bank Credit Card

  • Address proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Income proof
  • Employment details
  • Last 6-month bank statement
  • Last 3-month Salary slip
  • Passport size photocopy
  • PAN card/Adhar card

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Applicant must be above 21 years old and less than 6o year old for salaried and for self-employed 65 years is the deadline.
  • She/he must salaried or self-employed with a regular income source
  • The Applicant should have a good CIBIL score and a good track record of bank payments.
  • The applicant’s regular monthly income must be 18,000 or above.

Advantages of HDFC Visa Banking

Clients who access credit card through net banking or mobile banking, they can deal with their credit card easily. The online features will make your life simpler and make your financial procedure smoother.

HDFC Bank Card Services

  • Account Information
  • Credit card statements [till 6 months statement]
  • Unbilled transaction details.
  • Autopay registration.
  • Credit card payments.
  • E-mail statements every month.
  • Rewards and cashback summary.
  • Offer details.
  • 24*7 customer service.
  • You can increase your credit card limit or upgrade your credit card by internet banking or mobile banking.

Some Important Tips

  • Pay the bills on time before the deadline.
  • Set the pre-set deadlines on spending limits.
  • Set utility bills for autopay registration, so that you can never miss the bills.
  • Keep the credit card pin and CVV number in private, don’t share with anyone.
  • Check the bank alerts on payments and due dates.