HDFC Bank is considered to be among the most leading banks which have seen a recent upsurge in India. The headquarter of HDFC in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It came into existence in the year 1994 in August. This bank has branches in almost every major town and recently widespread in some rural districts. It has almost more than 5100 branches and 13,900 ATMs in India.

The wide range of attributes along with the significant benefits which consumers draw from this bank is listed below.


HDFC Bank Deposit Accounts

Below are the benefits that you can avail of.

Savings Account

HDFC provides 11 kinds of savings accounts to meet the financial demand of students, employees, entrepreneurs, or senior-most citizens of the state. Opening a savings account in HDFC is always a viable option since it comes with a plethora of saving account solutions coupled with various needs as well as requirements.

The savings account is classified on the basis of gender, occupation, people from several income groups, etc. This makes it perfect for the individual account holder. Below are some of the outstanding benefits of saving account in HDFC.

  • You can save your money and get interest in opening an HDFC Bank savings account.
  • The savings account also comes with cheques intended for payment to the reliable recipients.
  • Savings Account eases the money transfer through the internet and mobile applications.
  • The debit card which is issued under the category of savings account is used for withdrawal of cash along with the purchase.
  • It comes with the facility of the joint savings account.

Current Account

HDFC Current Account provides 8 different sorts of the current account in order to fulfill various requirements of a business. HDFC Current account which essentially deals with the liquid deposits does not restrict the transaction limit per day. Moreover, you can easily avail of various funds.

HDFC Bank Loan

Home Loan

HDFC provides 3 different kinds of home loans for customers with lucrative interest rates. So customers can easily choose for automated repayment and the EMI will get deducted from HDFC Savings Account.

HDFC home loans are now available at 8.40 % per annum. The lending institution comes with various home loan schemes mostly for the self-employed and working individuals. Below are exclusive benefits of HDFC Home Loan

  • It features attractive home loan schemes in order to meet the loan requirement for customers.
  • Attractive home loan interests begin with 8.40 % per annum to make things easier for the customers.
  • Longer repayment can be paid until 30 years.
  • Also, HDFC services provide various loan repayment schemes in order to satisfy customers.
  • Apart from this, the documentation process for easy and quick home loans makes it very easy.
  • The latest HDFC Home Loan EMI Calculator helps customers to know the EMI rates as per the type of home loan taken. This, in turn, helps the customers to make a plan well in advance and to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Personal Loan


HDFC services provide personal loans accompanied by verified documentation along with quick approvals. It sorts things out easily while dealing with financial services. You can easily take a loan up to 40 lakh which can easily be paid back within the tenure varying from 12 to 60 months. The process of payment of fees is seamless and charges are very low if partnered with HDFC Bank personal loan.

Loan Against Property

One can easily take a loan from HDFC bank against his commercial and residential properties as well. HDFC bank offers attractive interest rates by which an individual can easily fulfill his personal as well as business requirements. The interest rate starts from 9.65% and loan tenure is a maximum of 15 years.

Car Loan

HDFC Car Loan comes with plans intended for both new as well as old cars at good interest rates. Therefore, taking the HDFC Car loan is worth beneficial and also you will get doorstep service.

Documents Needed to Avail Car Loan

  • First of all identification of address proof documents that HDFC accepts.
  • It comes with the recent Salary slip along with form 16.
  • Also, there is the availability of Bank statements for the last six months.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned documents, you need to produce those documents which act as age as well as address proofs.
  • Signature proof which HDFC usually accepts.

Education Loan

HDFC bank offers three types of education loan for the young individual who is willing to go for higher studies. HDFC bank also offers a tax benefit according to the Tax Act, 1961.

Gold Loan

The customers have not to be worried while taking the gold loan from HDFC bank as they offer a minimum of Rs. 25,000 as loan amount with an attractive interest rate. The customers also need a minimum of documentation and they can easily avail their money instantly.

Business Loan

Minimal documentation and interest rates, maximum tenures and overdraft benefit make this loan attractive to the business owners. They can get up to Rs. 50 lakh as a business loan to stabilize their business.

HDFC Bank Investment Scheme

Fixed Deposit

HDFC FD interest rates can be compounded on a quarterly basis. Once you fix an installment, it cannot be altered. Just the principal amount will be refunded only when the deposit account shuts down before the locking period of 1 month.

Interest is only payable upon maturity. The minimum amount can be deposited is 1000 and it occurs in multiples of 100. TDS is deducted if the yearly interest exceeds 40,000 per year. You can avail of the Nomination Facility through internet banking.

HDFC Recurring Deposit Scheme

In the HDFC Recurring Deposit scheme, you can make smaller investments on a monthly basis and the respective FD rates of HDFC is the same as the general HDFC FD scheme. Interest rates which you might avail on recurring deposits are equivalent to the regular deposits for a minimum investment on a monthly basis.

The minimum tenure of the HDFC recurring account is 6 months. After that, the amount can be deposited in multiples of three. The maximum tenure of the recurring deposit is 10 years. The minimum amount that needs to be deposited sums up to 1000 and in multiples of 100 onwards.

The maximum amount which you can invest is 14, 99, 900 per month. Depositors conveniently submit 15G/H using Internet banking. Also, users have the provision to nominate through online booking of recurring deposits.

HDFC Bank Cards

Credit Card

You can avail of ten types of credit cards from HDFC Bank. These cards come with some unique benefits. They set the rewards point for fulfilling all their customers’ needs. Some cards are suitable for travel lovers and some come with rewards point which is best-suited for shopaholics.

Debit Card

The debit cards of HDFC is the furthermost choice if you want to experience a smart and safe transaction. These cards are fully loaded with some exciting rewards and offers which makes the daily expenses a bit easier. One can do 5 free transactions from the HDFC’s ATM and 3 free transactions from other ATMs within a month.

HDFC Banking Service

Balance Enquiry

The customers can easily go through their account balance with the help of mobile banking, passbook, SMS, ATM, et banking or the authentic customer care services.

Mini Statement

An individual can easily get their mini statements by utilizing the phone banking, ATM, net banking, passbook, SMS or contacting the customer service of HDFC Bank.

Net Banking

From this feature of HDFC bank, one can go through their account balance, transfer their funds to another account number, book recurring and fixed deposit, check several information and rules, etc.

Avail 24*7 Customer Care Service from HDFC Bankhdfc-bank-customer-service

Customers of HDFC bank can solve their queries, problems and provide their feedback through email, phone, SMS or even go to the HDFC Bank branch located in 36/A, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003. If you have any queries, you can call on 022-6160 6161 which is their customer care number. You can also connect to them with your queries on their official website. Their customer care service is available for 24*7 which offers an authentic and reliable service.

HDFC Bank Customer Review

This is all about the major features and benefits that one can enjoy if partnered with HDFC. In the recent announcements, it was stated clearly that HDFC has undergone a thorough revision of the interest rates based on the deposits made. For the amount which is below 1 crore, there is a change in the interest rate from 6.75% to 6.85%. The interest rates are also increased from 6% to 7%. Therefore, collaborating with HDFC banks will surely be a worthy decision for the security of all the stakes you possess thereby balancing the financial stability.