New Labor Code Rules on new labor law continue to work fast, will employment be boosted

New labor laws have been passed by Parliament and now the work of making rules for these is going on fast. Can expect new rules to come by April. It is also expected that after the new rules come, the way of doing and getting jobs will be changed. If the companies will be able to work for 4 days for work, then there will now be a PF account for the meds and drivers coming to your home. The job will also be better for those who work on the contract. That is, the way you are going to change the job, from you to the people associated with you, then what will be the changes and what will be the effect on this, we are doing this today and are with us for this…. Former Labor Secretary Shankar Aggarwal and Globalhunt MD Sunil Goyal

Four labor laws have been passed by Parliament. The process of making rules on it is in the final stages. Consultation process with industry, employee organization, union has been completed and will be released soon. The government has set a target to implement the new rules from April 2021. The labor market will undergo major changes following the new rules.

These are some major changes

Now there can be a 4-day working week. In this, the option of working for 12 hours can be made after working 4 days. There will be a 1-hour lunch-period in 12 hours. The company and employees will decide their duties together. This new system is completely optional. That is, it depends on you whether you accept it or not. The same rule will apply throughout the company.

Will get paid leave of 3 days

Employees can now get paid leave of three days a week. That is, the concept of 4 day week can be implemented. However, in such a case, the working hour of the employee will be 12 hours. There will also be an hour-long lunch-period in this 12 hours. This arrangement will be optional. Company-employees will decide how much to keep shift hours, week off. However, according to the rules, the same rule of week off in any one company will mean one day, two days or three days. It will not happen that an employee has the option of 2 days off, some for three days. The government is giving options through rules to increase productivity.

Contract workers will get PF, ESI facilities

The contract worker will not only tighten the screws on the contractor to get the full salary, but the responsibility of the companies in which the employees will work will be fixed. The company will ensure that the contract worker gets full salary, PF, ESI facilities. It will be necessary to pay in the first week of every month.

Will get over time

Even if you work 15 minutes more than the scheduled working hours, you will get overtime. It is being provided in the Occupational safety code.

Safety to all

Under Social Security, all employees working in the unorganized sector will get insurance, pension facility. A PF account of PF, driver, med will also be opened for everyone. The worker can open the account himself.

Gratuity in 1 year

Employees working for contract or fixed term will be given the benefit of gratuity in one year instead of 5 years. The provision of uniform minimum wage will be applicable across the country. States can increase or decrease their wages, but the minimum ceiling will be equal for all. According to the new rules, allowances cannot be more than 50% of your salary.

Work from home

New rules will be formulated for work from home in manufacturing, service sector. The industry will be given the option to change the salary structure in the changed circumstances after Corona. Companies will be able to change allowances according to small and big cities. In lieu of transport allowance, the structure of allowances such as Internet, WiFi may be included. All employees working in the organized-unorganized sector will have the same universal UAN on the lines of Aadhaar number for facilities like PF, ESI, Health insurance. Anyone can benefit from it anywhere.

Registration of migrant laborers

Migrant laborers / construction workers do not need to be registered in every state for financial assistance, insurance cover, housing facility. Everyone will be registered on the same dedicated portal.

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