New ITR e-filing portal: Know the benefits of new tax portal and faceless scrutiny scheme

Income Tax: Today the new portal of Income Tax is going to start soon. Income Tax Department tweeted today and informed that a new portal of Income Tax will be launched soon. The Finance Ministry says that the new portal will be more modern and easier. Its purpose is to reduce the hassle of taxpayers. The name of the new portal is shorter than the previous one,

According to the CBDT, the new portal will prove to be easier, more modern and hassle-free than before for taxpayers. According to him, a mobile app will also be launched after the new portal. So that, taxpayers can get information about its features.

According to CBDT, the new tax payment system will be launched on June 18.

Currently, the filing of tax returns and forms is done on the portal The existing portal is currently functioning well, but as the filing load increases near the due date, taxpayers face difficulties in uploading documents, filing audit reports or responding to assessments or other notices. . Along with this, many taxpayers also find it very confusing.

These will be the special features of the new tax portal.

There will be a single dashboard for uploading documents and pending action by taxpayers.

– ITR preparation software with interactive questions will be free of cost to help taxpayers file ITR 1 & 4 online and offline and ITR 2 offline. The facilities for ITR 3, 5, 6, 7 will be made available soon.

– Profile update in pre-filing of ITR Some details like occupation/profession, house property and salary will be updated instantly. Wherein TDS and SFT details will also be available for Capital Gains, Dividend, Interest and Salary Income Statement after uploading.

There will be a new call center for assistance and quick information for taxpayers and their queries. The portal will also provide chatbot/live agent services, detailed FAQs, user manuals and videos.

A new online tax payment system will be implemented on the new portal and many new payment options will be given in it. These will have payment options like Netbanking, UPI, Credit Card and RTGS/NEFT. Taxpayers will be able to pay their taxes from any bank.

The success of e-governance is based on how easily and quickly these services can be accessed by common citizens. The easier it is for taxpayers to file their returns, get refunds, upload documents and respond to notices, the more convenience people will get.

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