Important news: Important cabinet meeting today, a big decision is possible regarding PLI scheme

The market will be eyeing two news stories related to Delhi today. The first one is the cabinet today, in which today a big decision can be taken regarding the PLI scheme. The second will be an important webinar on disinvestment this evening which will include both the PM and the Finance Minister. Let’s look at both these news in detail.

Big decision possible today regarding PLI scheme

Today a big decision can be taken regarding the PLI scheme. Today the cabinet is having an important meeting. CNBC-Awaaz has received exclusive information citing sources that laptops, tabs, computers, servers can also be brought under the PLI scheme.

The PLI (PRODUCTION-LINKED INCENTIVE) scheme for laptops, tabs, computers may be announced in the cabinet meeting to be held today. Explain that these products were not included in the PLI scheme for 10 sectors. According to sources, about 7300 crore PLI scheme is proposed for 4 years. At the same time, there is also a proposal to give 2 to 4 percent incentives under the PLI scheme.

According to sources, in today’s cabinet meeting, it will be possible for domestic companies to invest Rs 20 crore in 4 years. At the same time, it is possible for foreign companies to invest Rs 500 crore in 4 years. According to sources, in the important cabinet meeting to be held today, some condition can be placed on the price of laptops and tablets for foreign companies. These PLI schemes may come into force from 1 April.

Webinar on disinvestment today

Today’s webinar on disinvestment will include Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Also, this webinar will also include officials of the Ministry of Finance and private experts. Officials of 10 different ministries will also be present in the webinar. Which will also include power, civil aviation, shipping, housing ministry.

3 issues will be discussed in this 2.5-hour webinar on the disinvestment to be held today. Privatization of government companies and non-core and core asset monetization will be discussed in Venibar. NITI Aayog will have a meeting on disinvestment before the webinar.