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Bihar Ration Card The process of making has been made very easy by the state government. Under this scheme, people of the state can easily apply through online portal sitting at home. As you know, ration card is very important for many tasks, so people who do not have their own ration card should get it made as soon as possible. Citizens of Bihar, rich or poor, can get their ration cards made (Citizens can be rich or poor all can get their ration card made). Dear friends, today we will tell you through this article how you can get online through Ration
Can apply for

Bihar Ration Card Online Application 2021

Interested beneficiaries of Bihar who want to get a new ration card or renew the old ration card under this scheme can apply online by visiting the official website of the Department of Food and Consumer Protection. State logo To own Bihar Ration Card Government offices will not have to be cut to get constructed. The APL / BPL ration cards are made by the Food Department and the Government of Uttar Pradesh according to the economic status of the beneficiary. People of the state who are over 18 years of age can apply by filling the Bihar Ration Card Application Form 2021.

Bihar Ration Card made and simple

By Bihar government Bihar Ration Card Major changes have been made in the online application process. Now citizens of Bihar can get their ration card made any day in the year. Now the Bihar Ration Card system has been fully opened. Under the new process, now the ration card will be made exactly as a voter ID card is made. It has been told by the Department of Food and Consumer Protection that Bihar is the first state in our country which has greatly simplified the process of making ration cards. During the Coronavirus lockdown last year, 23.5 lakh new ration cards were made by the Bihar government. After June, one lakh more new ration cards were made by December 2020.

There are 1 crore 76 lakh ration card holders in Bihar. Those who are provided ration every month by the government. Bihar requires 4.25 lakh metric tonnes of rice and wheat per month. This wheat and rice is being transported to every poor citizen by the Bihar government. Now the entire system of ration card has become online. Last month, 5 lakh 19 thousand metric tons of food grains were distributed by the Bihar government.

Bihar ration card Aadhaar seeding process speeds up

The department has also provided information that ration card is being linked to Aadhaar card. For which the work of Aadhaar seeding has been expedited. 1000 to 1200 Aadhaar seedings are being completed daily in the state. A target has been set by the Bihar government to link all ration cards to Aadhaar by March 2021. All citizens who have not provided Aadhaar seeding will not be provided ration. 90% of base seeding will be completed by February 2021.

About Bihar Ration Card 2021 Application Form

Ration card has been told in 3 sections by the state government for the families who come above the poverty line of the state APL Ration Card The APL Ration Card is orange in color and is issued by the government for families who fall below the poverty line and whose annual income is less than Rs 10,000. BPL Ration Card The color of the BPL Ration Card is red. And for those people who are very poor people, AAY ration card has been issued. The color of the AAY ration card is yellow. These ration cards have been issued on the basis of family status and income.

Bihar Ration Card List

Bihar Ration Card 2021

People of Bihar Bihar Ration Card Through the government, food items such as wheat rice, kerosene, sugar (Wheat Rice, Kerosene, Sugar) will be made available at subsidized rates. People of the state who are financially weak and cannot buy enough food for themselves and for the living of their family can buy food items at cheaper rates through this ration card. Can live.

Objective of Bihar Ration Card 2021

As you know, the government offices had to cut the wheels to get the ration card first, as it was a waste of people’s time, now the citizens of Bihar will not have to go round the government offices, gram panchayat etc. to get the ration card. Nor will we have to face any kind of difficulties. this Bihar Ration Online application Applying through this will also save the time of the citizens of the state. Providing food items like sugar, rice, wheat etc. to people at subsidized rates through ration cards and improving the living of poor people.

One Country One Ration Card Scheme

Benefits of ration card 2021

  • Ration card can be used by people as an identity card.
  • Ration card is also required to get Voter ID and to get driving license.
  • Ration card Through this, people of Bihar can get food supplements such as wheat rice, kerosene, sugar etc. at cheaper rates.
  • Those who want to get electricity connection can take it through ration card.
  • Under this scheme, you can now apply online for ration card sitting at home.

Documents for Bihar Ration Card (Eligibility)

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Bihar
  • Aadhar card
  • Postal address
  • income certificate
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

How to apply for Bihar Ration Card?

Interested beneficiaries of the state, who want to apply under this scheme, can also download the PDF file of Bihar Ration Card, follow the method given below.

  • Under this scheme Ration card For this, you can get an application form for making a new consumer (ration) card from any Circle Office / SDO.
  • After this, you have to fill all the information asked in the application form like name, address, mobile number etc.
  • You will then need passport size photographs of the head of your family to be verified by a gazetted officer / MLA / MP / Municipal Councilor, the specified proof (s) of residence, and the surrender / annulment certificate of the previous ration card.
  • Then there should be proof of residence and surrender / deletion certificate of previous ration card (if any).
  • If proof of residence is not available, then Circle FSO / S.I. / M.o. Spot conducts inquiries and records statements of 2 independent witnesses in the neighborhood.
  • After this, you have to submit your application form and submission documents.
  • The standard time for the preparation of ration card is usually 15 days. This way your application will be completed.