15 ideas for manufacturing business in India

Manufacturing business is the production of goods on a large or small scale from raw materials through machines or human labor. These manufactured goods can be sold directly to consumers, wholesalers or other businessmen. The manufacturing business has many benefits. In this business the manufacturer has to decide the quality of the goods. The quality of the goods can be improved or it can be customized according to customer requirements. Manufacturing business provides job opportunities. It is a profitable business model. So through this article, we are going to give you suggestions about 15 ways of manufacturing businesses, which you can make profit by doing.

  1. Incense stick – Agarbattis are used in most Indian homes. They are used in Adi during prayers. To start the agarbatti manufacturing unit you will need bamboo thin and small girls and fragrance oil as raw material. These goods are comparatively cheap. You can start as a unit of manufacturing incense sticks with low cost.
  2. Organic Soap – Today the whole world is adopting organic goods, hence the demand for organic soap is also increasing rapidly. This can be a good manufacturing startup. For this, you have to get information about soap making and various natural products.
  3. Herbal Cosmetics – Indians spend a lot of money on cosmetics. Due to increasing skin related diseases, people are adopting herbal cosmetics as compared to chemical cosmetics. Indians also used neem, turmeric etc. herbal products earlier. You can start manufacturing effective herbal products with proper research and knowledge.
  4. paper bag – The demand for eco-friendly carry bags has increased after campaigns like Plastic Free India. There is a need to stop using plastic in daily life to keep the environment around us pure and good. So you can get good profit by starting a unit of paper bag manufacturing.
  5. coconut oil – This is an excellent small business that you can start with a small capital of Rs 1 lakh. Dried coconut is used as a raw material. Apart from selling coconut hair oil in local markets, it can also be exported to international markets.
  6. Homemade Chocolate – Everyone loves chocolate and if it is made at home with high quality, then it is something else. Homemade chocolates are purchased by foreign tourists visiting the tourist places.
  7. Homemade Dairy Products – India is one of the largest milk producers in the world. Milk can be used to make ghee, butter and cheese. You can make good profit by making these products at home with quality.
  8. Candle Making – This business can be started at home. Candles are used during festivals, parties, special occasions etc. These days scented candles are used in hotel rooms, restaurants and even shops to create a special atmosphere.
  9. Footwear – There are many footwear companies across the country. Some have their own manufacturing units, while some buy from other manufacturing units. If you can provide quality footwear to the consumers according to their needs, then this industry can be profitable.
  10. Clothing India is the second most populous country in the world. Due to this, there is a high demand for costumes here. You can manufacture special apparel and sell them directly to customers and make a profit.
  11. Bakery – It is a profitable food processing business. You can opt for a single product like buns, croissants, or choose products based on demand.
  12. Ginger / Garlic Paste – Ginger and garlic are an essential part of the kitchen in India. These days the demand for ginger and garlic paste is increasing. This makes cooking easy.
  13. Drinking Water Unit – There is a huge demand for clean drinking water with increasing health consciousness. People like to drink pure bottled water not only outside the house but also at home. You can start a water packaging unit. Also, while drinking water, people see purity, not brand name. You can benefit from this.
  14. Home Decor Items – Due to increasing trend of online shopping, people are buying new products and decoration items. Everyone buys home decorations, no matter how small their living space. This includes cushions, cushion covers, curtains, table mats, carpets, etc.
  15. Paper Plates – People use disposable plates during parties or other events. You can start your business by setting up a manufacturing unit of paper plates.

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