Citi Bank

Citi bank (often branded as Citibank) is a section of the multinational financial services provider, Citigroup. Citibank can also be termed as the consumer division of the latter.

Citibank dates back to 1812 when it was founded as the City Bank of New York. Eventually, it became known as the First National City Bank of New York. The bank operates with its 2,649 branches all around 19 countries. Furthermore, it has also got 723 branches in the United States and other 1,494 branches in Mexico operated by its subsidiary Banamex. The branches in the U.S. sprawls around six metropolitan areas: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Miami. The United States along came up with 70% of its revenue in the year 2016. Mexico accounted for around 13% of the bank’ s revenue in the same year. Besides the U.S. and Mexico, the other notable branches of the bank are concentrated in Poland, Russia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. This bank was first established in Kolkata in 1902 and from then they provide several financial and banking services.

Services Offered By CitiBank

Citi Bank services are one of the best around the world. Moreover, it offers an array of useful services. They are as given below:

Savings Account

Savings account in Citi bank not only helps the customers be extremely fluent with their regular tasks of the banking but also yields interest at 3.5% p.a. Furthermore, you will get this interest accrued daily. Besides, with this bank, you will also get a complimentary debit card, reward points, and various other privileges with the account. Also, the interest rates that you will get with your account are the best in the industry:

  • Rate of Interest – 3.5% p.a.
  • Internet banking facilities
  • Zero charges on the banking services
  • Numerous ATMs worldwide
  • Some of the accounts won’t even require any minimum balance.

Citi Bank Current Account

Citi Bank Current accounts are also pretty alluring. These accounts will provide you with fantastic solutions to manage your cash and render it all the more useful for your payments and receivables. Moreover, you can also attain competitive LIBOR denominated rates regardless of whether you are importing or exporting with Citibank.

Citi Bank Loans

When it comes to loans, you need not worry as long as you choose Citi Bank as your banking partner. Some of the readily available loans are:

Home Loans

Citibank is undoubtedly one of the largest among the private sector banks. Hence, it contributes to providing a host of banking and financial services to its customers. This bank offers numerous home loan opportunities for individuals. This is because they are striving to help everyone achieve their dream homes. Moreover, they offer these loans at competitive interest rates. In addition, they offer incredible other features.

It also has an all-new facility of home credit. With this one can enjoy all the benefits of the interest savings which are available for faster and more efficient options of repayment. It is also beneficial in case of withdrawals when it comes to home loans.

Personal Loans

Citibank is quite popular among its peers for the fast and convenient services that it provides when it comes to offering personal loans all across the country. With this bank, it is pretty easy for both salaried professionals as well as for the self-employed individuals to avail of personal loans without any hassle. They can thus, meet their financial exigencies as smoothly as possible. Citibank will help you to get loans up to Rs. 30 lakh with a low-interest rate. Moreover, it also has options for being flexible in terms of repaying the sum. Most of the times the repayment options range between 12 and 60 months.

Citi Bank Cards

Credit Cards

Citi bank brings you a plethora of credit cards, made exclusively for their innumerable customers. In any such credit card from Citi bank, you will enjoy all the benefits you want. They are mainly focused on travel, shopping, dining, entertainment, fuel and more. Cardholders of this bank can earn rewards. Later on, all of these rewards can be redeemed for lucrative gift vouchers or a statement credit. These Citibank Credit Cards also come with other benefits to fulfill the demands of several other types of customers.

Debit Cards

Citibank offers a range of Debit Cards which values all kinds of customers that are there. Given below are some of the debit card types:

  • Citibank ATM/debit card
  • Citibank platinum debit card
  • Citi priority world debit card
  • Citi gold world debit card
  • Citi gold private client world debit card

Citi Bank Investment Option

Fixed Deposit

Citi Bank has attractive options for the customer looking for Fixed Deposit schemes. Here they can go for a booking of Rs 1,000 onwards. Most importantly, you can get tenure as low as 7 days.

Recurring Deposit

No need to have a piggy bank now when you have Citi Bank with you always. You can also proceed with a small amount of money if you opt for a recurring deposit plan with CitiBank, unlike the Fixed Deposit scheme. Moreover, a singular investment of a lump sum is also a loss when seen from the customers’ point of view.

Citi Bank Banking Services

When it comes to banking benefits, you will get several with Citi bank. Here they are:

Balance Enquiry

Balance inquiry is never as easy as it is with Citi bank. Simply give us a call at 1860-210-2484 to know your balance and other details.

Mobile Banking

If mobile is your go-to device then help yourself with the efficient mobile banking options here with Citi Bank. Besides, transferring funds, paying bills and getting offers will be at your fingertips.

Citi Bank Net Banking

Take the fullest advantage of the improved net banking facility of Citi Bank. So, monitor your account, manage it and transact with it from the comfort of your home.

Citi Bank Customer Service

Take up your phones and rush to dial the Citi bank customer care no. 0124 2542484 right now to ask your query.

Citi Bank Branch Address

You can also visit the near branch of Citi Bank at the address of International Trade Tower, Ground, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, Ground Floor, DLF Square, Jacaranda Marg, Block M, DLF Phase 2, Sector 25, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.

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