Top 5 Best Health Insurance Plans in India

Before starting with the topic best health insurance plans first, we knowing about health insurance in India. We have to go through some basic Health Insurance definitions and how it can benefit an individual. Nowadays, as we know that health problems are increasing with almost every second individual. Therefore, there is a need to resolve these problems by taking extra care from external sources. Therefore, to eliminate that part one has to purchase Health Insurance to be on the safer side whenever you face any problem regarding a health issue.

Now, further, we are going to discuss more the same.

What Is Health Insurance?

  • Health Insurance is a medical agreement in which a company will provide free treatment at the time of any health emergency. One needs to pay a premium every year to the company to avail the facilities. Henceforth, it is the best way to keep yourself away from the troubling situation whenever you or your loved ones face any health issue.
  • Even many times it happens that we don’t have money in hand when something like that happens. Then, Health Insurance is the best way to walk away from this kind of situations.
  • Therefore, invest policy is suggesting you avail the best Health Insurance according to your budget. So, that you could save the future of yours and your loved ones.

Different Types of health Insurance Plans That You Can Buy

5 Best Health Insurance Plans

Now, invest policy is providing the five best Health Insurance in India which one can avail without any doubt. We hope that our guide will help you.

  • These insurance plans are the top insurance plans which one can opt for. Even these are the secured plans with no scams and one will be able to get the benefit of them whenever needed.
  • Go through all before selecting the one for yourself.
Name Of the planAge of entering in the planSum that will be provided to the beneficiaryRenewability periodOther benefits
HDFC Health Suraksha GoldNo minimum or maximum limit for the plan.Rs.4 to Rs.10 lakhsLifeTime-No Sub-limit or the age entering limit.
-Regaining and other benefits like maternity.
-Bonuses are also an advantage.
Max Bupa Health Insurance planMinimum – 90 days.
Maximum – No limits.
Rs.2 to Rs.12 lakhsLifeTime-One can avail refilling benefits.
-The settlement of the claim can be done directly.
-Policy benefits are long term.
Apollo Munich Optima InsuranceMinimum – 91 days.
Maximum – 65 Years.
Rs.3 to Rs.50 lakhsLifeTime-One can avail active multiplier and restore benefits.
– The age limit is not very long.
-The assured return is up to 50 lakhs.
Religare NCB Health Insurance With Super PremiumMinimum – 91 days.
Maximum – No limits.
Rs.5 to Rs.50 lakhsLifeTime-Sum assured is quite good.
-Ambulance for domestic parts is covered.
Star Family InsuranceMinimum – 16 days.
Maximum – No limits.
Rs.2 to Rs.15 lakhsLifeTime-Accident over the road is covered.
-Insured amount can be easily restored.

How One Can Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan?

To choose the best insurance plan you have to go through the following steps:

  • First, go through the specifications of a particular plan.
  • Check the renewability off the plan.
  • The most important thing is the hospital being covered under this plan.
  • Then go through the premiums which are to be paid.
  • Choose the best way to apply.
  • Then follow the applying procedure and get your insurance plan done.

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Health Insurance Plan

Once you get the best plan for you afterward you will be able to avail the benefits of it in need. Even the coverage of these plans is quite awesome and one will be able to get the ensured assured amount. Even these plans are quite awesome as they are providing you with all the benefits which are needed at the time of emergency. Henceforth, do you not only plan which will make your work easier and you will be about the motor benefits of it?

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies 2019 by Claim Settlement Ratio

Some Other Benefits Of Choosing The Best Plans Are Mentioned Below

  • One would be able to get a cashless treatment because they have paid the premiums earlier.
  • The daily allowance will be provided by the side of the insurance company for the purchase of medicines and other health-related its requirements.
  • Even according to Section 80d the tax act will not be applied to these sum insurance up to a specified limit.
  • Even if you have chosen the best plan then you will not need to worry about life-threatening illness also like all the types of illness will be covered under the plan.
  • You will be able to get the medical checkups and the health consultation from the doctors.
  • You can consult the best nutritionist to get the best healthy diet for yourself.

Hence, after choosing the best plan you will be able to get all the above-mentioned benefits very easily and many more.

What Are The Minor Benefits Of Each Best Health Insurance Plan?

Now we will discuss the major benefits which one can get from the health insurance plans.

  • Firstly, the plan will help you to get rid of the problems of paying high bills at the time of settlement at the hospitals.
  • Also, you just need to pay the premiums and you can avail the facilities at the time of emergency at any hospital which is being covered under the insurance plan.
  • After that one can easily get high premium plans if they can pay more every year.
  • Also, every second company is providing a different plan to their customers and along with the different benefits is being provided to.

Different Plans

Yes to eliminate the time-consuming process one has to compare different insurance plans. Invest policy is giving you a chance to choose the plan very easily from a single platform. Henceforth, here you can get the details of the different plans and their renewability process and the benefits being covered under the single plan. Therefore, one does not need to go anywhere else once they come to invest policy. Health Insurance plans are like the invest policies which can be used in the future at the time of emergency.

The Plans Are Pocket-Friendly

  1. Yes, the plans which are mentioned above are not too much money consuming. That is these plans are pocket-friendly and one has no need to pay very high premiums every year.
  2. One would be able to avail the benefits of the plan with high benefits under a single plan with average premiums.
  3. Therefore, anyone can easily avail these plans all over India.
  4. One just has to go to the official website of the provider of the plan and you can follow the procedure there easily.


Now, coming to the conclusion we have discussed all the benefits of the health insurance plans and the different plants which one can opt for. Along with applying the procedure and the other major benefits of the plan have been mentioned above.

Now, you have to yourself decide whether this plan is worth for you to apply for or not.

We just suggest you opt for one of the health insurance plans so that you could save the life of your loved ones in the future. Also, apply only when you are satisfied with all the terms and conditions of the specific plan.

To get satisfied before applying you have to compare all of them!!

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