Places To Sell Gold For A Good Cash Price In Indian Cities

Places To Sell Gold For A Good Cash Price In Indian Cities

How and where to sell gold in India for the best price?

One can sell gold at the gold jeweller’s shop, but, the price may not be the best. Many specialized companies have now sprung-up in many Indian cities, that specialize in buying gold. Here are a few places you can sell your gold, especially unused jewellery.

Attica Gold Company

If you are in south India, you can sell your gold through one of the branches of Attica Gold Company. It has branches in almost every south Indian state including Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry etc.

The procedure to sell gold at Attica is extremely specialized, including the use of German machines for highly sophisticated valuations. The process to sell your gold should take under 30 minutes. Cash or an NEFT transfer is done by the company in a transparent mechanism.


D Gold Exchange

D Gold Exchange is another place that you can sell your gold ornaments, gold bars and coins. The company is well networked in many south Indian states.

The company uses state of the art gold testing machines/ Xref spectrometer MXGT PXI and have experienced evaluators to provide the best gold rates as possible while selling. You can also get an instant gold price by sending a WhatsApp message to the company, which would enable you to decide on whether you want to sell your gold or not.


Documents and process to sell gold through these companies

Documents and process to sell gold through these companies

You need to gather all your gold that you need to sell. If you have the receipts of the gold, it is better, as they would indicate the weight and purity. However, you can sell them without the receipt as well.

You need an identity proof, which is a must. The gold will be tested using an Xref – Spectrometer to ascertain the exact purities of the gold ornaments. It’s important to remember that stones and beads are unlikely to fetch any value.

Once the weighing and purity are done, the company executive will log in and generate a report. It will have all the details including the grammage (net of beads, stones etc). At any stage, if you are unhappy, you need not sell your gold. Once the estimate and valuation are accepted by you, there would be an NEFT transfer that is done or cash would be given to the seller.


Should you sell gold now?

Should you sell gold now?

Many readers ask us, whether it is a good time to sell gold, given the fact that the precious metal has hit record highs. It’s extremely difficult to predict the movement of any kind. We would suggest that if you have an emergency and require money, you could sell gold. However, a better idea would be to sell gold jewellery that is not used. Sometimes, individuals have broken jewellery as well. Be to

In case you have a temporary liquidity issue, it would be better to take a gold loan, which is very cheap as compared to personal loans and pay-off later, rather than selling gold jewellery.

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