How To Register on LIC Portal? – LIC Registration Process

LIC provides easy life insurance plans for the customers for providing utmost benefits. Earlier one needs to physically visit the LIC office to avail any of the plans but nowadays this could be done through online mode very easily. One can register or login to the service portal of the LIC. Below given are the steps to LIC registration and login to the LIC portal through online mode.

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Procedure For LIC Online Registration

Before going to the main portal and starting with the registration process following documents need to be with you which one has to submit along with the registration form on the portal. The required documents and information are:

  • You should have to decide that you are going to take the policy number on your own life or for your minor child or your spouse.
  • Scanned copy of the PAN card or passport of the person wants to fill the registration form. The size of the scanned file has to be less than 100 KB and the image should be in the desired format which is mentioned there.
  • Once you have collected all the required documents now visit the official website that is “www[dot]licindia[dot]in”.
  • Once the site gets opens now visit the “customer portal” over there.


  • If you are a new user and you want to register for the first time then click on the “new user” option there.


  • After clicking on the new user option now you have to make your user id and password and the information has to be uploaded there.


  • Now after giving the correct information, you have successfully registered at the portal.

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Registration For LIC E-Services

  • If you want to avail the e-services then you could go to the E-services tab to get the e-services form.
  • After getting the form you have to print the form and sign it after filling the accurate details.
  • Scan the form and upload the scanned image on the portal.
  • Also, you have to upload the scanned copy of your PAN Card, Aadhar Card or passport.
  • Now your documents will get verified by the official team of the LIC providers and if the verification will be positive then an acknowledgment email will be sent to you. Once you receive the acknowledgment email after that you will be able to avail of any of the E-services.
  • Now you have to click the tab “Submit” to submit the form…
  • After submitting the form you have to create a new user id and password to log in through it.

How To Register For LIC Premium Services?

If you are a registered user of the LIC then you can log in through your user ID and your password on the portal.

  • After this you have to follow the registration process, printing the form and then uploading your documents. 

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We, Will, Discuss The LIC Registration Form Filling Process in Detail Further

  • The basic details which the user has to provide at the time of registration of the form will automatically be filled in this registration form.
  • Now, one needs to provide the passport details or PAN Card details.
  • After this, you also have to provide the eligible policy numbers in the form.
  • Only these basic details are to be filled here.

Printing of Form Process

  • On the screen you will see a print or save option from there you have to print the registration form.
  • Check the details which were filled in the registration form and sign below.
  • Now upload a scanned copy of that image along with your passport or PAN card.

Uploading The Form And Checking The Status

  • Upload the scanned copy on the portal and after uploading click on the submit button to process the request.
  • In this process also, your form will be verified and after verification, an email will be sent back to you to confirm your registration.
  • Therefore, after following this process, one will be able to avail all the premium services of the portal provided by the LIC.

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What All Services The Customer Can Avail After Requesting For E-services

  1. One would be able to see the policy and the proposal images for their policies.
  2. The policyholder will also be able to see the claim history.
  3. If there is an online loan request then that would also be available.

Now after registering on the LIC portal and becoming an e-service holder, you will be able to take any of the advantages of different policies provided by the LIC.

Advantage of Registering on LIC Portal

After going through the whole process of registration the first thing comes in the mind of the user is why we are registering on the LIC portal. The answer to these questions along with the benefits of the registration process is given below-

  • Registered users will be able to get all the benefits of viewing any of the histories of their transaction at the time of the claim.
  • Also, the LIC portal is providing a very good platform for those users who don’t want to go to the office physically to check all the details.
  • The LIC Company is serving well to their users from many years and hence there will be a strong trust factor while registering on their portal.
  • All the information uploaded by the user on the site will be safe and confidential and will not be leaked in any case.
  • Also, after doing the registration, one would be able to avail other insurance provided by the LIC Company very easily.


Therefore, we can say that the LIC is providing good services at a very easy availing platform. Henceforth, from going outside and searching for many of the options it is better and secure. One can very easily avail the services and also could get information about different services from the online portal. And if you are a registered user then it will be very easy for you to avail the services.

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