SBI is offering the cheapest home loan, only 6.70% interest rate and processing fees are completely waived

The country’s largest public sector lender State Bank of India (SBI) has made a great offer to fulfill your dream of buying a house in the Corona era. SBI is offering home loan at only 6.70% interest. SBI on Monday announced a 0.70 per cent discount offer in interest rates. In this way, the bank is offering home loans at 6.70 per cent. This offer is till 31 March 2021. Not only this, under the approved projects of SBI, till March 31, 2021, you will not have to pay the processing fee for applying for a home loan.

The State Bank has said in a statement that the processing fee (100%) on all types of home loans up to 31 March 2021 has been waived. After this announcement by SBI, you will save about one percent more on your total loan. Processing fees typically range between 0.8 percent and one percent. On a loan of 20 lakhs, you have to pay processing fees of 18 to 20 thousand rupees. The bank said that it has a market share of 34 per cent in the home loan segment. Whereas, on an average, about 1000 customers are processing SBI loans every day. The bank’s home loan business has crossed Rs five lakh crore.

A press release issued by SBI said that the bank believes that it is important to provide loans at a better rate to customers who pay on time. Apart from this, SBI is running Maxxgen home loans, smart homes, top-up loans for existing customers, NRI home loans, FlexiPay home loans for large residential loans and special home loan schemes for women. SBI said that new customers can get all information related to home loans by giving a missed call only on 7208933140.

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