SBI customers should note, now it is easy to update the mobile number, know the whole process

SBI mobile number updation: If you have an account with SBI, now you can get your mobile number updated at home. This work can be done easily with the help of a debit card or net banking.

Digital banking has seen a significant boom in the last few years. Digital banking has improved a lot especially during the Corona era. Cyber ​​fraud has also increased significantly compared to the speed with which online banking has grown. In such a situation, two things should remain updated in the bank account. First your mobile number and second email id. If these two are updated, then you will get information about every transaction and you can avoid fraud.

If your mobile number is not updated in the bank account, then this work is quite easy. SBI customers can do this work from home. For this, the most Internet banking login has to be done. For this, go to the website of First of all, go to My Account & Profile. Click on the profile option here. Now a new page will open, click here on Personal Detail / Mobile. Click on profile with up profile password. Similarly, your email ID will also be updated.

This is also possible with the help of debit card

If you have not login net banking then this work can also be done with the help of debit card. For this visit this website. Here you are asked for many information including account number, CIF number, branch code, registered mobile number. After this your mobile number will be updated. Apart from this, this work can also be done by going to the bank branch.

How to update with the help of ATM machine

First go to the nearest ATM machine. Registration option comes on swiping the card. Mobile number registration has to be selected here. Here comes the option of mobile number update. Here you are asked for an old mobile number, then you are asked for a new mobile number. OTP comes on both mobile numbers. Mobile number will be updated after confirming OTP.

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