SBI Alert: Hackers made bank users a victim of fraud, know how the scam is being done

In the recent case, a link has been given in the text message sent by hackers to SBI users, which has been requested to click on it.

Sbi Home Loan

Many users of the State Bank of India have been targeted by hackers of a phishing scam. Hackers sent him several suspicious text messages and requested him to cash in on SBI Credit Point worth Rs 9,870.

As in every phishing attack, “Hackers steal their personal information through fake websites or emails on the Internet and misuse it.” This includes social media, bank fraud. ” The story is the same in this case as well. In the text message sent by the hackers to SBI users, a link has also been given in which a request has been made to click on it. On clicking this link, a fake website opens where the option of ‘State Bank of India Fill Your Details’ form is available. Users are requested to fill it, in which many sensitive personal information such as card number, expiry date, CVC and MPIN are asked to be shared.

Registration is being done through third party

According to a joint investigation by the New Delhi-based think tank Cyberpiece Foundation and Autobot Infosec Pvt Ltd, the website collects data directly without any verification and is registered through a third party rather than an authorized official of State Bank of India. As a result, everything becomes suspicious.

The foundation said that according to SBI, they never contact their customers through SMS or email, which have links in relation to the user’s account. No reputed banking entity uses CMS technologies such as WordPress on its official website for security reasons.

There may be a connection with Tamil Nadu

Personal information like name, registered mobile number, email, email password and date of birth are sought on this fake website. After submitting the form, the user is redirected to the “Thanks” page. It has been mentioned in the report that the domain name of the website can be sourced only in India and the registrant can be related to Tamil Nadu.

(With IANS input)

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