How safe is your valuables kept in a bank locker, know how much you have to pay for a locker

In the country’s largest state-owned bank, SBI (State Bank of India), if you take the facility of a bank loacker, then you have to pay 1500 rupees plus GST.

How safe is your valuables kept in a bank locker, know how much you have to pay for a locker

Bank Locker

Last week, the Supreme Court told the banks about the bank locker that they cannot break away from their responsibility. The Supreme Court has ordered the banks to decide the rules related to the locker within 6 months. Actually, this whole matter is arising because in 2017, the banks had made it clear that the customer will be responsible for the goods kept in the bank locker. If a natural disaster strikes or the goods are stolen then it will not be the responsibility of the bank. After this, questions started to arise whether the samana kept in the locker of the banks is not safe. However, the bank collects a considerable amount from customers on the goods kept in the locker. Let us know how safe the goods are kept in the locker and how much the bank charges you for it.

Usually, the bank charges customers from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 annually for a locker. However, it depends on the size of the luggage kept in your locker, how much you will have to pay for your luggage. In fact, customers pay fees to the bank locker so that they can get the security of the goods.

How much charge

If you take the facility of locker in the country’s largest government bank SBI, then you have to pay 1500 rupees plus GST. For a fee of 1500 rupees, you get a small size locker whose size is 125x175x492 centimeters. This charge is for Urban and Metro City. For rural and villages, SBI charges Rs 1200 plus GST for a locker of the same size. Apart from this, one time registration fee of 500 rupees is also to be paid. If you increase the size of your locker, then its charge will also increase accordingly.

How safe is the bank locker

The bank locker customer opens it so that their valuables can be safe with the bank. Usually, people keep precious jewels, their necessary certificates and other important documents in the bank locker. When you open a locker in the bank, its two keys are made. One key is with the customer and the other with the bank. The bank keeps the key of your locker with you because if you lost your key by mistake, the bank can open your locker. But if you lose your key, then the bank charges you extra for this. On the other hand, if you want to shift your locker from one branch to another, then it is not possible. For this, you have to surrender your first locker, only then you can shift your belongings to another locker.

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