Great opportunity to buy cheap gold, know how to buy gold bonds online from SBI

Sovereign Gold Bond: The period of decline in the price of gold continues. If you want to buy gold cheaply in the meantime, then there is a better chance for you. March 1 Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme is out. Which will be open till 5 March. According to the statement of the Finance Ministry, in Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2020-21 Series XII of Sovereign Gold Bond 2020-21, one gram of gold has been fixed at Rs 4,662. That is, the price of 10 grams of gold will be Rs 46,620.

If you want to buy gold, you can buy commercial banks, Indian Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, some big post offices and BSE, through NSE stock exchange. They are not sold in Small Finance Bank and Payment Bank.

How to buy SGB through SBI

– First login with the net banking account of SBI.

– After this, you have to click on the option of e-services and go to Sovereign Gold Bond.

– Click on Terms and Conditions and click on Proceed.

– Registration form has to be filled. This is a one-time registration. Then click on submit.

– Fill in the details of the quantity and the nominee of the amount of gold you want to buy. Submit it now.

SBI has said in a tweet that get returns and security together! 6 Golden Reasons to Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds. SBI customers can directly invest in INB under e-services.

It has been decided to give a discount of 50 rupees per gram to online shoppers. For such investors, one gram gold bond will be issued at the rate of Rs 4,612. One can buy a maximum of 400 grams of gold bonds per person in a fiscal year. The minimum investment is one gram. HUFs can invest up to 4 kg in a fiscal year. If a trust wants, you can invest up to 20 kg of gold in this scheme.

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