Axis Bank Debit Card 

Axis Bank has a wide cluster of products and services to the banking sector. The bank is providing a free debit card [for the first time] for cashless transactions. They are providing the various types of Axis Bank debit card based on customer’s choice and their requirements.

The bank is providing the services in worldwide Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Colombo, and Shanghai. They do provide the services for different retail-like businesses, MSME, agriculturists, and large and mid-corporate.axis bank debit card

You can withdraw the money whenever you want and you can earn exclusive offers like discounts in restaurants, movie tickets, etc. With a wide range of products, customers can choose their card based on their interests like shopping, interesting discounts, rewards from the eDGE Loyalty program and personalized card designs. In a world going cashless, platinum cards are your closest companions! Free yourself from hefting around moves of money wherever you go. When it comes to security, the Axis card bank comes up with the Verified by Visa [VbV] and MasterCard platform.

Eligibility Criteria of Axis Bank Debit Card

Customers having a salary account or savings account are eligible for Burgundy, Priority and Prestige account holders. Even NRI’s are eligible for basic saving account.

For NRI clients, they ought for Domestic Titanium Debit Card. The Only eligibility is applicant should be an above 18 years old and he/she should be an NRI/PIO

Key Highlights

  • Every time you spend money you can earn a rewards point.
  • 15% discount for dining.
  • You can design your card.

Axis Bank Debit Cards Offers

  • You can design your card with your craft or your picture with Axis bank My Design!
  • The higher limit for cash withdrawal and purchase.
  • Complimentary access to VIP air terminal lounges.
  • Fuel additional charge waivers at petrol bunk all over India.
  • Upgraded insurance coverage for the cardholder.

Axis Bank Value Plus Debit Card Fees

  • Yearly Fees: 750Rs
  • Substitution Fee: 200Rs
  • Issuance Fee: 750Rs

Step By Step Instructions To Apply For Axis Bank Debit Card

  • You will get the first time debit card when you open the account with Axis bank. Or else you can visit the branch and apply for the card.
  • Account -Holders can call directly to the. Axis bank customer care and apply for the card.

How To Activate The Axis Bank Debit Card?

  • There are many methods with which a cardholder can start his/her debit card.
  • You can activate the card by mobile banking/Internet banking/Phone banking.
  • You can visit any Axis bank ATM, and activate your card.

How To Block Axis Bank Debit Card?

  • In case you lost your debit card, you can call Axis bank customer care number immediately and block your card for safety purposes.
  • You can SMS ‘BLOCK CARD’ to 5676782 or +919717000002 from your registered mobile number.
  • You can block your debit card through internet banking under the debit card section.

What If Your Card Got Stuck in The ATM?

The cardholder can contact the Axis Bank Customer Care or visit the bank office for further help for the recovery/issuance of another card.

Turning Off Axis Bank Debit Card

  • Axis Bank enables clients to turn off their debit cards when they are not using it. This feature is made for security purposes, for a client who has a large amount of money in their account. This will help them to spend under their control.
  • Most of the Axis bank debit card has Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology, wherein they can do cashless transaction up to 2000Rs with their card, without entering their ATM pin. Axis bank allows its customers 5 NFC transactions for a day.

Switching off a Debit Card is a Smooth Method And The Request is Instantly Activated

  • Login to the Axis Bank internet banking.
  • Go to the ‘Accounts’ tab, followed by the ‘My Debit Cards’ option.
  • Select the card and switch Off/On.
  • It will display your withdrawal limit onscreen.
  • Click on the ‘Switch Off’ button at the bottom of the page.

Types of Axis Bank Debit Cards and Features

  • Axis Bank Online Rewards Debit Card: Daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.50, 000 and you can purchase up to Rs.5 lakh
  • Titanium Rewards Debit Card: With daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.50, 000 and you can purchase up to Rs.5 lakh
  • Reward+ Debit Card: Daily with cash limit of Rs.50, 000 and you can purchase up to Rs.5 lakh
  • Secure Debit Card: With Daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.50, 000 and you can purchase up to Rs.1, 25,000
  • Display Debit Card: With the daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.1 lakh and you can purchase up to Rs.4 lakh.

Security Tips

  • Make sure your transaction is complete in any outlets and ATMs too just to avoid any fraud.
  • All customers shouldn’t disclose your ATM PIN to anyone.
  • Clients should compulsorily sign at the backside of your ATM card and validate their signature.